Submissions to the EVENTS page of the Report or the website are done via email ONLY. Send a message to:

Include the word EVENTS in the subject line. We are not able to respond individually to each messsage we receive; if your event is accepted for the calendar you will NOT be notified. Please include all relevant information regarding the event including cover price, dates, location and the event’s theme/focus. Also include any links to an event ticket page or to a website/social media page where viewers can learn more. We make no guarantes to include any of the submitted information on the website listing.


Our EVENTS page appears every month in the MCIR Magazine. Because the MCIR Magazine is a non-partisan publication which gauges political individuals based on their cannabis policies, not on their party affiliation, we are very selective regarding the events we allow to appear in the listing. When considering submitting your event to our staff for inclusion, please refer to the following guide.

NOTE: any and all events are eligible to use our special EVENT PROMO PACKAGE detailed at the bottom of our section. If your event does not qualify for a free listing in the EVENTS GUIDE, this special Promo Package could still help you get your word out to our EVENTS readers!


Typically the events featured on that page are business-related and cannabis-specific. We do NOT feature fundraisers or events whose primary purpose is to support a particular political candidate or party. Recurring (weekly or monthly) events are not included, but those events are able to advertise in the regular pages of MCIR Magazine. Our staff has the final say on which events are included and which events are not.
NOTE: Print publications are restricted in the amount of information they can contain based on available page space. Our website’s EVENTS page is not limited in that way and will have a greatly expanded listing of events and happenings. Check for more information and to view the online calendar.


Meetings of state-level agencies which regulate or create laws for patients or the cannabis industry. Special appearances in Michigan of notable experts or celebrities. Expos, conferences and seminars specifically serving the cannabis community which are not exclusive in their marketing or targeted attendance (ie., Marijuana Law Section of the State Bar Association events). National/international events are featured. Occasionally our printed Events guide will feature local meetings of note.


MCIR Magazine allows a banner-style advertisement to appear at the bottom of the EVENTS page of the magazine. That banner ad will also appear on the website,, and on the magazine’s Facebook page for a single month (approx. 30 days) per billing period. Note that there may be more than one of these ads sold and displayed during a particular month. There are no exclusivity rights implied or expressed in this ad pricing summary. As with all ads for the Report, all graphics must be provided by the user and MCIR staff will not proofread or edit content.

For pricing on this Events Only Package, please email and request our media guide.

NOTE: there is no charge to feature a qualifying event on the MCIR events page. This offer is a special advertising package for events only.