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Our NOTIFICATIONS section is a special user-submitted content page where anyone can give praise and recognition to someone in the cannabis industry. The rules are very simple:

1. Wrap your description of the personal achievement/corporate milestone in 200 characters, slightly longer than a Twitter post
2. go to
3. Hit the NOTIFICATIONS tab at the top menu
4. Fill out the form, including your email address and name.
5. ACCEPT the terms and conditions by clicking the button
6. You’re done!

We will not contact you about your submission. If you have questions regarding your submission send them to:

Not all submissions will be included in the print, electronic or web versions of the Magazine. All decisions about inclusions or rejections are made by MCIR staff and are final. Below you’ll find a guide to what is acceptable and what is not for the NOTIFICATIONS section, including a few sample postings (shown in ITALICS).


If a company promotes a person to a leadership role
Eugene Machine promoted from Assistant General Manager to General Manager of floor production, XX Cultivations of Novi

If a company hires a top level person from outside their company
XX Cultivations welcomes new CFO, Eugene Machine, formerly of Awesome CannaContractors

If a company hires someone from another state
XX Cultivations adds Eugene Machine from Denver, Colorado to testing lab team

A person who graduates with a degree or who achieves a new level of certification within their field of expertise
Awesome CannaContractors salutes Eugene Machine for graduating with a Masters in Plant Biology from Eastern Michigan University. Congratulations!


If a cannabis industry company is adding an additional office in another city
XX Cultivations announces the opening of their newest store in Grand Rapids, bringing the chain up to eight retail locations.

If an industry company won a court case
Awesome CannaContractors announces Oakland County prosecutors drop lawsuit over signage at their Walled Lake facility

If companies enter into contractual agreements
XX Cultivations enters into agreement with Awesome CannaContractors for grow room design on Novi facility.


Expansion of a company’s existing office space, grand openings, re-openings
XX Cultivations has opened up the third floor of their Novi retail building, giving shoppers even more area to browse

Praise for a job well done
XX Cultivations wants to recognize Biologist Eugene Machine for completing Crucial Project Alpha in a fast time and under budget.

Completion of a personal training course
Attorney Eugene Machine is now certified in Reiki healing

Notifications which contain a website or a promotional message
State’s best contractors XX Cultivation add thirty new sorting machines to their equipment stockpile, come down and see