Trademark License Agreement Template India

What matters is how a trademark licensing agreement can be terminated by the licensee. It may contain patterns of the following nature. It is necessary to specify the exact quality of the goods to be maintained by the taker. This information is determined by the holder. The licensee may also be used to provide samples of goods, packaging, etc., if required by the licensee. A description of the parties should be obtained, the nature of their transactions and the ownership of the proposed trademark to be licensed. The category of goods/services is also to be mentioned. The overall description of the brand is to be done here. Every detail in the combination of colors, words, shapes, symbols, labels, packaging or other representations must be documented. It is important to get protection. A licensing agreement between a trademark holder and a manufacturer is an official document indicating that the manufacturer of a product is authorized to manufacture the product by the company or by the person who protected it.

However, the trademark holder may choose the terms of the licence for this contract. How the contract is terminated by the licensee must be described in detail. These include the mode of communication and the number of days that should elapse between dismissal and dismissal. Once the termination has been completed, the licensee should be required to stop the use of the mark in all its forms. Let`s now take a look at the details contained in this agreement: the details as to whether the license should be exclusive need to be clarified. An exclusive license creates monopolistic rights to the use of the trademark. A non-exclusive license is likely to be granted to others. Ownership of the trademark belongs exclusively to the registered owner.

It should be noted that at no time when the agreement is in force, or in any other way, does the purchaser claim any ownership of the mark. Details of the regular screening of goods and processes and the presentation of reports to the licensee, if requested by the licensee, must be recorded. It is important to mention the exact duration of the license. After the term, it may be extended at the discretion of the parties.